claudio larrea

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1963.
Moved to Barcelona in 2001 and back to Buenos Aires in 2010.
Since 2018, he lives between Barcelona and Buenos Aires.

1981-1984: Superior Institute of Journalism (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
1985: Master in Audiovisual Techniques in the Instituto RTVE (Madrid, Spain)

Graphic Art Director in magazines:
Playboy, Rolling Stone, MAN, Cosmopolitan (Argentina), Interiores (Barcelona)
1999 to Present
Art Director & Production Designer in commercials, movies and video clips,
for several production companies in Argentina, Spain and Europe.
He combines his advertising works with his great passion: photography.

In 2009 he was awarded with the 1st prize in the Photography Contest “Llocs del Món”
In 2015 Rise Art Gallery (London, UK) and Praxis Art Gallery (BsAs, Argentina and NY, USA)
began to represent some of his photographic works.
In 2016 Microsoft hired a worldwide one-year-license of one of his photographic works.
In 2017 he exhibited at the Getty Foundation of Los Angeles (USA), by participating
in the international exhibition "How to read Pato Pascual" (Pacific Standard Time),
and he was also awarded with the 1st prize in the Photography Contest “Art Decó Buenos
In 2019 the Opéra National du Rhin hired a series of his photographic works to be projected
as the only stage in an Astor Piazzolla’s opera, at the Strasbourg Opera House (France).
In 2021 he exhibited "A Look to the South" in IEFC Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya
In 2022 ArtexArte Editiions from Alfonso and Luz Castillo Foundation published his first
photographic book “Republic of Waires”.
In 2023 he exhibited “Peronist Architecture” in the Bicentennial Museum, in Casa Rosada
(House of Government), Buenos Aires, Argentina, and was declared “Outstanding Personality in
the field of Culture” by the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

2023 - “Peronist Architecture”, Bicentennial Museum, Casa Rosada (House of Government),
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
“Porteños”, Otto Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2021 - "A Look to the South", IEFC Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.
2019/20 - “Argentum Regina, the Eternal City”, MARQ, Museum of Architecture, Buenos Aires,
2019 - “María of Waires”, San Martin Cultural Center, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
2017 - “Individual exhibition”, ArtexArte Foundation (BAPhoto, Buenos Aires. Argentina).
2016 - "Republic of Waires", Leku Gallery, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
2014/15 - "The Lover of Buenos Aires", Recoleta Cultural Center. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
2014 - "Lobbies of Buenos Aires", ArtexArte Foundation, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
2013- Bapoto, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
- "Peronist Architecture", Evita Museum, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
- "Beyond", Sirope, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
1997 - "Private Lifes", First exhibition on photographic production in Argentina,
Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2021 - "Federico... wherever you are", ArtexArte Foundation, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
2020 - “Without Color?”, Art Works of the OSDE Foundation Collection, Buenos Aires, Agentina.
2018 - “Neorealism”, ArtexArte Foundation, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
2018 - “Soccer World”, FoLa, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2017- “How to read Pato Pascual”, Mak Center and Luckma Gallery (Los Angeles, Getty
- "Ten Looks from Buenos Aires", Jorge Mara La Rouche Gallery.
2016 - Collective, Makarius Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2014 - "Common Denominator", Borges Cultural Center Buenos Aires, Argentina.
- "Stairs", Phos Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2008 - "Travels", El Sortidor, Barcelona, Spain.

- "Territory", Finalist in the Nano Festival.
- "Anatomy of light", Finalist in the National Art Salon 2017.
- "She", Biennial Finalist of the ArtexArte Foundation.
2016 - "Window for the Future of Architecture" Award, International Architecture Biennial of
Buenos Aires.
- 1st Mention in Art Deco Buenos Aires.
- "The Father", Nano Photo, FoLa.
- "Soccer in the heights", Mention in People of my City.
2015 - "The Night", Nano Photo, FOLA.
- National Salon of Photography, finalist, Argentina.
- "Tango 01", Biennial of the ArtexArte Foundation, finalist.
2013 - "Homage to Robert Frank", Nano Photo, ArtexArte Foundation.
2012 - Nano Foto, finalist, ArtexArte Foundation.
2009 - Winner of the "Llocs del mon" Contest - La Fotográfica, Barcelona.