claudio larrea

PH: Fabian Laghi

Born in Argentina in 1963, he studied Journalism and Art History in Buenos Aires and Audiovisual Techniques in Madrid. In 1986 he began his professional career as Art Director in the production of covers and articles for magazines: Rolling Stone, Playboy, Cosmopolitan.

In parallel since 1999 he started as Art Director in advertising.
At the beginning of 2001 he moved to Barcelona (Spain), establishing his residence there for nine years. During that time he worked as Art Director in advertising and video clips.

In 2010, returned to Buenos Aires, he began a photographic reconstruction of the city, which led him to develop a personal vision of Buenos Aires architecture.
Between the implicit geometry of forms and the obsession with details, his visual universe reinvents the past of a cosmopolitan city. As a result of this search, he presents: "The Lover of Buenos Aires" and "Republic of Waires".

In 2017, he participated in the exhibition "How to read Pato Pascual" (Pacific Standard Time-Getty Foundation of Los Angeles).

He received mentions in Argentina: National Salon of Art (Photography) and Biennial of Art x Art, among others. Currently lives between Buenos Aires and Barcelona.

-2019 Photographic scenography for the Opera-tango "María de Buenos Aires" (Piazzolla/Ferrer) Opera du Rhin (Strasburg, France).

Individual exhibitions
-2019 “María de Waires” Centro Cultural San Martín (Buenos Aires, Argentna)
-2017 “Solo Show” Fundación ArtexArte (BAPhoto , Buenos Aires. Argentina)
-2016 “República de Waires” (Galería Leku, Buenos Aires. Argentina)
-2014/15 “El Amante de Buenos Aires” (Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires. Argentina)
-2014 “Lobbies de Buenos Aires” (Arte x Arte Buenos Aires. Argentina)
-2013 BAPhoto (Buenos Aires. Argentina)
-2013 "Arquitectura Peronista" (Museo Evita, Buenos Aires. Argentina)
-2013 "Mas allá" (Sirope Buenos Aires. Argentina)
-1997 Centro Cultural Recoleta "Vidas Privadas" primera exposición sobre producción fotográfica en Argentina

Collective exhibitions
-2018 “Neorrealismo” (Arte x Arte, Buenos Aires. Argentina)
-2018 “Mundo Fútbol” (FoLa , Buenos Aires. Argentina)
-2017 “Como leer al Pato Pascual” Mak Center y Luckma Gallery (Los Ángeles, Fundación Getty)
-2017 “Diez Miradas de Buenos Aires (Galería Jorge Mara La Rouche)
-2016 Makarius Gallery (Colectiva Buenos Aires. Argentina)
-2014 “Denominador Común” (Centro Cultural Borges Buenos Aires. Argentina)
-2014 “Escaleras” (Phos Galería, Buenos Aires. Argentina)
-2008 "Viajes" (El Surtidor) Barcelona

Awards and Mentions
-2017 Finalist in Nano Festival “Territorio”
-2017 Buenos Aire Art Deco’s Award Winner
-2017 Finalist in Salón Nacional de Arte 2017: “Anatomía de la luz”
-2017 Finalist Bienal de ArtexArte: “Ella”
-2016 "PREMIOS VENTANA AL FUTURO DE LA ARQUITECTURA", Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires
-2016 1st Mention Art Deco Buenos Aires
-2016 Nano Foto (FoLa) “El Padre” (finalista)
-2016 Mention in Gente de mi Ciudad “Futbol en las alturas”
-2015 Nano Foto (FOLA) La Noche (finalista)
-2015 Salón Nacional de Fotografía (Argentina) (finalist)
-2015 Bienal de Arte x Arte (finalista) “Tango 01”
-2013 Nano Foto (Arte x Arte) "Homenaje a Robert Frank"
-2012 Nano Foto (Arte x Arte) (finalista)
-2009 La Fotográfica (Barcelona) ”Llocs del mon" Photographic Award Winner

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